The Beginning of the End

In this little list of noisy words, I am going to begin to define the ending.
An ending of an era, and ending of the times we know and love or hate.

Along the way I will describe a journey of love and angst, of life, of love found, and love lost, of noise as social impact, and silence the result of change, and the pursuit of the things we perceive of as making us happy.

They say “Life is short” That among so many other things they have taught us is a complete lie. Life not only is excruciatingly long, it never ends.

Most likely you will disagree with 99% of what I say. Unless you are young enough to care, to see an unfettered future full of your ideas and your aspirations.  Your verve  not yet battered down by the shear mendacity of the world’s relentless struggle to destroy all hope.

Good luck reading this blog.
You will most assuredly need it.

Fuck war.  Peace is dead.

Robert Xeno

Earth Hertz 2017


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